5 Easy Ways to Cut 50 Calories

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Use these simple tricks to cut calories from your plate, for health benefits and fast weight loss.

1. Easy Tweaks: Breakfast

1. Choose fresh fruit instead of juice. One orange has 60 calories, while a cup of orange juice contains 110. Calories saved: 50

2. Swap a cup of whole milk for a cup of skim. Calories saved: 65

3. Prefer the taste of 2% milk? Use a ½ cup of 2% in your morning cereal instead of a cup of whole milk. Calories saved: 90

4. Enjoy a large red, white, or pink grapefruit topped with artificial sweetener; forget the sugar. Calories saved: 15 per teaspoon of sugar omitted

5. Instead of 1 ½ cups of plain oatmeal for breakfast, try ¾ cup, add 2 tablespoons of low-fat granola with raisins, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Here’s how cinnamon can aid weight loss. Calories saved: 65

2. Easy Tweaks: Breakfast

1. Substitute an 8-ounce low-fat yogurt for classic or custard-style yogurt. Calories saved: 100

2. Trade 2 French toast sticks for 1 whole-grain waffle. Calories saved: 70

3. Need a topping for pancakes or waffles? Try 1 cup of sliced, ripe fruit instead of 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Calories saved: 50

4. Hold the dollop (2 teaspoons) of butter on any breakfast item. Calories saved: 65

5. Substitute 2 low-fat turkey sausage links instead of 2 regular sausage links.Don’t miss these other healthy breakfast ideas for any weight loss plan. Calories saved: 100

3. Easy Tweaks: Breakfast

1. Use egg whites when preparing your favorite omelet instead of whole eggs. Calories saved: 55 per egg yolk omitted

2. Spread 2 teaspoons of fat-free tub margarine on your whole-grain toast instead of 2 teaspoons of stick margarine. Calories saved: 60

3. Swap a large 4-inch plain bagel for a smaller 3-inch one. Calories saved: 100

4. Ditch the glazed donut and eat a cookie. A 3-inch peanut butter cookie is an okay choice; an oatmeal cookie is even better. Calories saved: 50-75

5. Keep the meat and cut the fat. Swap 4 strips (about an ounce) of regular bacon for 2 ounces of Canadian bacon. Calories saved: 70

6. Use spreadable fruit on your toast rather than butter. Consider berries in particular –– here’s how they can help you lose weight if you incorporate them into your breakfast. Calories saved: 60

4. Easy Tweaks: Lunch and Dinner

1. Cut back on portion sizes of rice, pasta, or noodles by ¼ cup. Calories saved: 50

2. Choose a baked potato topped with hot and spicy salsa instead of 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Calories saved: 50

3. Make your burgers with 4 ounces of ground turkey instead of ¼ pound of ground beef. Calories saved: 50

4. Eat an ear of fresh corn-on-the-cob instead of a cup of kernels from a can. Calories saved: 60

5. Forget the broccoli-cheddar soup, and have a cup of minestrone instead. Here’s what else to eat at lunch…and what to avoid. Calories saved: 60

5. Easy Tweaks: Lunch and Dinner

1. Swap the Swiss on your sandwich for 1 ounce of fat-free American, or better yet, skip the cheese altogether. Calories saved: 65

2. Wraps? Try 2 corn tortillas instead of 1 flour tortilla. Calories saved: 75

3. Enjoy “light” dressing on your dinner salad instead of 2 tablespoons of full-fat dressing. Calories saved: 70

4. Have your sandwich in a small, whole-wheat pita, rather than on 2 slices of whole-grain bread. Calories saved: 85

5. Subs for lunch? Substitute 2 tablespoons of light mayonnaise for 2 tablespoons of the high-fat version.

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