9 Eating Tricks To Drop 2 Dress Sizes Quickly

Whatever helps you stick to your a healthier and cleaner eating lifestyle is a successful strategy for losing weight fast.

Below are popular weight loss tips and tricks I’ve taken from women who have successfully lost and kept off at least 30 pounds – and a couple from my own weight loss journal, which I’ve had kept during my fat years.

I hope you will make good use of them.

1. Rid your house of junk

Get rid of any junk food or snacks that might be a trigger for you – make sure you clean up the entire house (and office space) and not just the kitchen. If you need to keep certain foods around for your kids or husband that are not part of your plan, use a cupboard just for them that is off-limits to you.

2. Keep a journal

No surprise here. Purchase a journal to use for your weight loss journey to keep track of ALL your nutritional intake and your workouts. Know what food works and what doesn’t early on so you don’t get stuck and feel frustrated. It can be a hassle to log everything you eat but it keeps you honest and accountable, and it really does work to make you lose weight fast.

3. Plan ahead

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But don’t make a big deal about it, and don’t stress about it—just do it. Each evening, think ahead to the next day and plan out what you’re going to eat. You can use your journal to pencil in what you plan to eat during the next day or two. Stay calm and organized, and always make sure you have healthy food with you. Pack an insulated lunch bag every day so you’re not tempted to stray from the plan. Remember that nothing tastes as good as lean and sexy feels.

4. Cook extra protein

Any time you cook meat, poultry, fish, or other protein, make a little extra to keep on hand in your fridge to throw on a salad or just grab and go. Keep hard-cooked eggs in the fridge at all times for an easy snack. You can also keep cans of tuna and salmon at the ready as an easy source of protein.

5. Keep things interesting

Do whatever it takes to make healthy and skinny dinners interesting and exciting. Make use of the available fruit and vegetable delivery company that provides many different varieties of vegetables that can be delivered to your home once or twice a week. And mix and match your produce with all kinds of protein options so you never get bored.

6. Keep a stash of frozen seafood

Buy frozen wild-caught fish (orange roughy, cod, mahi mahi, tilapia, flounder) that can be cooked in just a few minutes for a quick meal. I’ve brushed Dijon mustard on a frozen salmon fillet, stuck it in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes, and served it with steamed veggies. Voilà—dinner is ready. And tasty too!

7. Keep all-purpose seasoning handy

Healthy eating can sometimes be bland. So, I use various all-purpose seasoning on my dinner most nights, and many times on my eggs in the morning. It’s a quick way to spice up a meal and keep my tastebuds happy. Salsa is also a figure-friendly condiment you can enjoy freely, and mustard works great as a dipping sauce for chicken or other protein.

8. Satisfy your need for a crunch

If you have the need to eat something crunchy, buy a small bag of coleslaw, rainbow slaw, or broccoli slaw and mix it with tuna, chicken, or other protein for an instantly satisfying, crunch-worthy salad. I also sprinkle ground flax seeds on the salad for a nutty taste along with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Keeping sliced cucumber or baby carrots in your fridge provides you with another good crunchy snack option.

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