9 Fitness and Eating Tips To The Ultimate Killer Body

We all want that killer body, and also in time for the summer beach season.

We try every diet out there, every weight loss programs for women, tried to workout every hour of the day but none of them has gotten us to that killer body.

Have no fear, try these 9 simple fitness tips to help you get there in no time – just have to remember on how to move and on how to eat:


1. Do moves in threes

Any workout has three variables: weights, intensity, and volume. To keep your body guessing, focus on one variable per workout – increase the weight but lower the number of reps one day; lower your standard weight but add a set the next; use your standard weight but do more reps faster on another.

2. Don’t give up on the pullup

Pullups, which strengthen the lats, biceps, middle back, and shoulders, are an effective upper-body exercise. Can’t squeeze one out? Then do planks: Lie with your chest under a weight bar set to knee height on a squatting rack. Grab the bar with an overhand grip and, keeping your body in one line, bend your elbows and pull your chest toward the bar. Lower back to start; do 10 reps.

3. Row your boat

Before you strength train, spend 10 minutes on a rowing machine to get blood flowing to all the muscles and joints in your body. It’s better than a treadmill or a stationary bike because it engages your upper body and core, not just your legs.

4. Short-circuit your routine

Blast fat with a circuit that includes strength training and cardio: Do a set of push-ups, jump rope for a minute, do a set of squats, jump rope again; continue to alternate strength and cardio. You’re building muscle while keeping your heart rate high.


5. Minimize refined carbs

Out: most breads, cookies, chocolate, white rice, nearly every cereal, honey, and anything with corn syrup or sugar. As soon as you swallow a refined carb, it starts to spike your blood sugar, which produces excess insulin, a hormone that can be responsible for holding on to fat stores.

6. Eat five times a day

That means three meals and two snacks: one between breakfast and lunch, and one between lunch and dinner. You’ll have a steady stream of energy; plus, less food more often isn’t as taxing on your digestive system as three big meals. Also, that five daily feedings stabilizes your blood sugar, so you won’t have crazy mood swings or hunger pangs.

7. Up your protein

Try a Zone-inspired diet – a balance of protein, complex carbs, and fat in every meal and snack–to protect against insulin overload. The benefit of high-quality protein, like chicken, turkey, and low-fat Greek yogurt: It contains amino acids, which help muscles recover after workouts.

8. Limit your liquids

Ditch juices, vanilla lattes, and sodas–all have unneeded sugar and calories. You drink for three reasons – if you’re thirsty, drink water; if you need stimulation, drink black coffee; if you want to take the edge off, choose a vodka martini or a similar non-mixed, simple drink. In other words, no mojitos.

9. Yes, that means diet soda, too

Although the science on the fake sweeteners used in diet sodas is still undecided, you should still not drink them. The sweeteners may elicit an insulin spike or, at the very least, psychologically prepare you for something sweet, but there are no calories to back the signal.

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